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MEDIA BIZ Dezember2018 #236

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Branchentreff Wien: Film+Video @ Photo+Adventure Wien • K3 Film Festival • DiMi Digitale Migration • TMT30 • Medienwerkstatt • Moving Lights • Urheberrecht • Neuer Kollektivvertrag für Filmschaffende • Film Forum Linz • MEET • Fighting for Film • Wiener Regisseur dreht „Rest Stop“ von Stephen King • ISE • Radio FRO • World's first fixed installation of the auXala streaming service at the Congress Salzburg • Sea of Shadows • .... Die nächste Ausgabe von MEDIA BIZ erscheint am 1. März 2019 mit einem Nachbericht von der ISE in Amsterdam und einem Ausblick auf die Prolight + Sound und Musikmesse in Frankfurt, aktuellen Entwicklungen im Bereich Kameratechnik, Archivierung, Virtual und Augmented Reality, Beleuchtungs- und Beschallungstechnik, Storytelling, Datensicherung und -speicherung, Aus- und Einblicken vor und hinter die Kulissen beeindruckender Events, auf Produktionen und Projekte Made in Austria, dazu Testberichte, Interviews und mehr ... Redaktionsschluss: 11. Februar 2019 Die Datenerhebung für den MEDIA BIZ Branchenführer 2019 läuft bis Ende Jänner 2019. Anmeldung für Ihren kostenfreien Basis-Eintrag: oder einfach ein Mail mit Kontaktdaten und Rubrik(en) an senden. MEDIA BIZ Newsletter: MEDIA BIZ Abo: MEDIA BIZ Abo-Angebote ab 2019: Print: Euro 37 Österreich / Euro 48 Europa (EU) Print + Digital: Euro 44 Österreich / Euro 53 Europa (EU) Digital: Euro 37 (jeweils inkl. MWSt. und Versandkosten)

event technology

event technology streaming service zurück zum Inhalt Without an app At its world premiere in May in the O2 Arena in Prague and at various other events auXala, the Event Streaming Service by LINEAPP, enabled several thousand visitors to listen to presentations simultaneously in their chosen language and volume. Salzburg Congress has opted for a fixed installation of the system. Robert Hild talks to Sylvia Bergmayer about the way into the cloud. Salzburg Congress Since its opening in June 2001, the Salzburg Congress has made it possible to furnish up to 15 conference rooms with a capacity of 20 to 1,324 people thanks to variable room design. With its 15,000 square meters of floor space, the building offers space for up to 2,500 congress participants. Responsible for the expansion of the technical infrastructure since January 2004 has been Congress & Event Manager Robert Hild. Managing Director of Salzburg Congress and the umbrella organization Tourismus Salzburg GmbH is MMag. Herbert Brugger. After around four months of planning, the team around Congress & Event Manager Robert Hild is really entering new territory here, follow relaxation and enthusiasm after the recently successfully completed tests of the world‘s first fixed installation of auXala at the Salzburg Congress. The switch from an approximately 30-year-old infrared interpreting system, which had to be replaced, to an at least in the application, both for the house and for the participants of events, such simple solution, which auXala now actually turns out to be, is of course in some regard also a matter of trust. „When Alexander Kränkl, with whom we had been working repeatedly for years, introduced us to this cloud-based software solution, we naturally had questions and concerns about streaming and bandwidth. We were faced with the decision to go back to infrared technology or to go digital. We have been convinced by the comprehensible advantages of this solution for us, no painful interventions in the infrastructure of the house, no additional hardware, no more rental devices and also no app, because of the existing basis of trust“, says Robert Hild. The successful use of auXala at Lyconet Elite seminars, a global event series with several thousand guests per event, was also confidence-building. „As a small location, which we are, you can still score with human service and sophisticated technical infrastructure, both nationally and internationally. In the international pitch the destination, Austria, Salzburg, also counts, but that alone is not enough. Ultimately, the decisive factor is: What can the house do? And thank God our managing director also puts great emphasis on this. So, we don‘t wait until the market approaches us to draw our attention to something that doesn‘t work for us, but we make sure that we are one step ahead of the customer‘s needs.“ Robert Hild, Congress & Event Manager Congress Salzburg What has significantly influenced the decision for auXala‘s cloud-based software solution? Robert Hild: On the one hand, it can be used not only for interpreting but also multi-functionally for different applications where you want to stream audio, music or just speech. Recently, for example, we had an event with 2,000 young people in three seminar rooms, which we solved externally, but which we will be able to solve ourselves with auXala in the future. Our team is now constantly developing new ideas for further applications (laughs). It was also convincing that no app had to be installed. Our congress participants are reluctant to use it. Two years From the left: Andreas Scharf (auXala), Robert Hild (Salzburg Congress), Philipp Trojer (Centron), Werner Schnattinger (Salzburg Congress), Silvio Wolf (Salzburg Congress), Renato Vanzini (Salzburg Congress), Thomas Steiglechner (Salzburg Congress) MEDIA BIZ

zurück zum Inhalt technology event streaming service auXala world premiere and follow-up event Fotos: auXala ago, we rented 500 iPads for the first paperless congress with an Austrian society for internal medicine. Of these, only about 25 devices were rented. Everyone else wanted a printed program, wanted to take notes. Then we tried an app, but that was not accepted either. With auXala you just enter a URL with our branding in the browser, no matter if it‘s on the Smartphone, tablet or computer, and can easily participate in the Audio Congress. One simple solution for everyone, from the young assistant doctor to the Best Ager, no prior knowledge needed, without any effort and without having to scroll the depths of an app, if the congress program includes around 70 pages. The presenter on the stage speaks into a microphone, the participants receive this on their private smartphone, select their language and can listen via headphones. Simply „bring your own device“, which everyone has with them anyway. Which alternatives were there? We looked around the market, looked at solutions, again infrared, which has been ins talled in some other houses. We also requested offers for this that ranged between 400,000 and 500,000 euros. However, we were not willing to invest these sums because the classic interpreting sector is in decline. This does not pay for itself. We also asked ourselves the fundamental question: Do we have to, and do we want to continue to offer this service? Overall, the hardware and software are still about a quarter of the costs of the classical infrared solution, which would have also required a massive intervention into the infrastructure of the house. The spotlights are partly installed under plaster or in the ceiling. But now we can use auXala for the whole range of our services, from national and international congresses to scientific conferences to various events such as company events. And it enables us to react very easily, very quickly and flexibly to different customer requirements, to customer wishes that often change at very short notice. Also, to the needs of people with hearing impairment. What concerns did you have when you switched to this completely new solution? Although digitalization is the headline in every trade magazine, the ever-increasing need for network coverage must first be provided. Every device is Wi-Fi-based, and if everything is just Wi-Fi, is everything still well covered? That was our original fear or concern. Is our infrastructure sufficient to support this in addition to regular Internet consumption? However, participants who use this interpreting service will not receive e-mails or watch YouTube videos or surf the Internet at the same time. Therefore, the consumption is limited to interpreting or audio streaming. And you are not dependent on the existing Wi-Fi network, you can also use the classic mobile network. For us, the question is still how much bandwidth is needed. But according to Alexander Kränkl, this is not a problem, and the tests we carried out in-house confirmed that. There was no skepticism about the cloud? Of course, this was also discussed, for example, why the server is not located in our house. Simply because it is not yet necessary, although it would be theoretically feasible. But there is enough trust in the provider. And as far as data security is concerned, it runs via a sub page of our website. If the At the Lyconet Elite Seminar in the O2 Arena Prague in May, where auXala brilliantly passed its debut, more than 6,000 listeners were able to freely choose between the 16 languages offered and, thanks to auXala, were simultaneously supplied with the audio signal in the same network. At the follow-up event in the Tauron Arena Krakow, the keynote speeches, which were also translated into 16 languages by interpreters, were streamed via Wi-Fi and the Internet to the smart devices of around 2,000 participants via the auXala software. For each of the 16 simultaneously translated languages a cabin was installed and equipped with two interpreters each. The audio signals of the 16 languages were streamed via a DANTE Stagebox with 16 XLR-IN connectors for the audio cables of every interpreter‘s booth via the internal network on two local 19-inch servers, on which the auXala ingest software ran. This assigned each DANTE channel to the respective language and delivered it to the auXala streaming service, which was designed to serve 10,000 listeners simultaneously. auXala streaming server incl. backup auXala ingest server incl. backup MEDIA BIZ

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